About ESDU

What We Do

ESDU (originally the 'Engineering Sciences Data Unit') provides validated design methods, data and software tools covering a wide range of engineering disciplines. The work of our ESDU Engineers is monitored, guided and rigorously validated by technical committees comprised of leading experts from industry, academia and government organizations from around the world, and is endorsed by key professional institutions. The result of this collaborative effort is a unique and unsurpassed engineering knowledge base.

Today's engineers have ready access to multiple sources of information. So what makes our content unique? Our products provide you with the collective knowledge of hundreds of engineers and include data and information that in many cases are unpublished and only available to ESDU through our committee process. Every Data Item issued by ESDU represents a consensus of opinion from experts in their field. Our content has gone through rigorous testing and validation to ensure the quality and reliability you require for confidence in your design process.


ESDU facilitates better and faster design using validated methods and solutions and reduces costly cycles of research, redesign and testing. ESDU methods and data form an important part of the design process for industry professionals in companies large and small and are a vital resource for scientists and engineers in research establishments and academic institutions throughout the world. These individuals and organizations use ESDU to:

  • Improve the design process, ensure quality and aid compliance
  • Reduce time to market
  • Complement in-house design manuals, codes, standards and analysis tools
  • Improve the ability to solve complex technical problems and develop innovative solutions
  • Explore design options and scenarios

All subscriptions include support from our technical experts for guidance on Data Item application.

Our History

ESDU originated as the Technical Department of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) in 1940 when the RAeS responded to a critical need for reliable, accurate and readily applicable design information for use in aircraft design. The society brought together engineers from multiple industries to share and present their knowledge in an authoritative and accessible format. It evolved into the 'Engineering Sciences Data Unit' (ESDU) in 1964 and continues to be the source of authoritative information for engineering design.

ESDU is now part of Accuris. Visit accuristech.com to find out more about additional Accuris products and services.