Current version MMPDS-2023


The primary purpose of this Handbook is to provide a source of statistically based design values for commonly used metallic materials and joints. Additionally, other mechanical and physical properties needed for the design of aerospace structures are included. The material properties and joint data used to derive values published in this Handbook were obtained from tests conducted by material and fastener producers, government agencies, and members of the airframe industry. The data submitted to MMPDS are reviewed and analyzed per the methods detailed in this Handbook. Results of these analyses are submitted to the membership during coordination meetings and if determined to meet the documented standards set they are published in this Handbook.

This Handbook also contains some useful basic formulas for structural element analysis. These formulas are provided in Chapter 1 to illustrate how the material data contained in the Handbook may be used. However, structural design and analysis are beyond the scope of this Handbook. While an attempt is made to assure the accuracy of the formulas and analytical methods contained in Chapter 1, there is no attempt in this Handbook to provide currently accepted design or analytical methods.

References for data and various test methods are listed at the end of each chapter. The reference number corresponds to the applicable paragraph of the chapter cited. Such references are intended to provide sources of additional information, but should not necessarily be considered as containing data suitable for design purposes.

Applicable testing standards are identified by number only in the text. Full titles for these standards are listed in Appendix D.


Since many aerospace companies manufacture both commercial and military products, the standardization of metallic materials design data which are acceptable to Government procuring and/or certification agencies is very beneficial to those manufacturers as well as governmental agencies. Although the design requirements for military and commercial products may differ greatly, the required design values for the strength of materials and elements and other needed material characteristics are often identical. Therefore, this publication provides standardized design values and related design information for metallic materials and structural elements used in aerospace structures.

MMPDS was prepared by Battelle under contract with the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center. It is covered under U.S. Copyright and is the only current form of the MMPDS Handbook. If computerized third-party MMPDS databases are used, caution should be exercised to ensure that the information in these databases is identical to that contained in the Handbook.

Approved printed and electronic copies of MMPDS are available for purchase through Battelle and its approved licensees. Official copies of MMPDS may also be obtained through participation in the MMPDS Industrial Steering Group (ISG) or Government Steering Group (GSG), whichever is appropriate. The ISG is open to membership by all commercial and education organizations, while the GSG is open to membership by all U.S. and foreign government entities. See for further information.