ESDU Academia Brochure

ESDU Academia Brochure Many major universities worldwide use ESDU's industry-standard data, methods and software in teaching, and graduate and postgraduate research projects. You too can use ESDU to equip your students with the latest tools and knowledge that industry demands.

ESDU has become a fundamental learning and teaching tool for faculty and students. Available online, ESDU is a practical and readily applicable resource, complete with empirical and theoretical data, worked examples and software.

ESDU University Guide

ESDU University Guide Many universities include ESDU Data in their curriculum as a means to equip students with the necessary tools and knowledge used extensively in industry. There are three areas in which ESDU data are included in the curriculum by a university.

  1. By including data cut-and-pasted from Data Items into lecture notes, handouts, visual aids etc.
  2. By setting course work assignments that use ESDU data and/or software.
  3. By carrying out project or thesis work (usually final year undergraduate or postgraduate) utilising the definitive industrial methods described in ESDU data.