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Why subscribe to ESDU?

To ensure optimal product design, performance, safety and compliance, engineers and technical professionals need access to different kinds of engineering information. Whatever your field of concern may be, you want (and need) validated, trusted, and reliable information quickly - and in a form that meets your specific requirements.

ESDU - Design Data that sets the standards

ESDU provides over 1,500 methodologies and related software validated from numerous reliable sources, including major engineering companies. Having the support of more than 230 experts from industry, academia and research who monitor and validate ESDU data, you can rest assured that a subscription to ESDU, prepared by engineers for engineers, and for every stage of your process, can help you get your product to market backed by trusted, reliable data.

Your ESDU Engineering Service

Each ESDU solution is produced in a form best suited to the engineering discipline with derivations, explanations, references, graphs, tables and worked examples.

In addition to the Data Items, an ESDU subscription provides:

  • Back-up services to users.
  • Periodic data revisions for all annual subscribers.
  • Customer support directly from ESDU engineers involved with the design and Data software, which often results in a valuable two-way flow of information on ESDU topics.
  • Advice and guidance from ESDU engineers on the use of Data Items.

Try our ESDU solution for the best cure to the data that ails you - quickly and with complete confidence.

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