ESDU Composites Series

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  • Section 1: Organisational Documents
    • ESDU 02015
      Composites series organisation: preface, amendment record.
    • ESDU CFS
      Conversion factors
  • Section 2: Laminated Composites
    • ESDU 82013
      Laminate stacking sequences for special orthotropy. (Application to fibre reinforced composites).
    • ESDU 83035
      Estimation of the stiffnesses and apparent elastic properties of laminated flat plates.
    • ESDU 85001
      Elastic stress and strain distributions around circular holes in infinite plates of orthotropic material (applicable to fibre reinforced composites).
    • ESDU 86003
      Example of the use of Data Item No. 85001. Choice of reinforcement for a circular hole in a fibre reinforced laminated plate. (Data relating to one particular set of laminate properties.)
    • ESDU 89013
      Transverse (through-the-thickness) shear stiffnesses of fibre reinforced composite laminated plates.
    • ESDU 94003
      Stiffnesses of laminated flat plates.
    • ESDU 94004
      Stress analysis of laminated flat plates.
    • ESDU 96036
      Design of laminated plates subjected to in-plane loads and bending moments.
    • ESDU 03013
      Thickness selection for the flanges and web of a composite I-section beam subjected to bending and shear.
  • Section 3: Buckling of Balanced Laminated Composites
    • ESDU 73007
      Stiffness of loaded flat strips under sinusoidally distributed bending couples at their edges (for use in local buckling calculations). (Uniaxial or biaxial loading. Isotropic or orthotropic materials.)
    • ESDU 73015
      Estimation of the local buckling stress under biaxial compression of an isotropic skin with fibre reinforced integral unflanged stiffeners.
    • ESDU 80023
      Buckling of rectangular specially orthotropic plates.
    • ESDU 81047
      Buckling of flat rectangular plates (isotropic, orthotropic and laminated composite plates and sandwich panels).
    • ESDU 94005
      Buckling of flat rectangular orthotropic plates.
    • ESDU 94007
      Elastic buckling of cylindrically curved laminated fibre reinforced composite panels with all edges simply-supported under biaxial loading.
    • ESDU 03001
      Elastic buckling of long, flat, symmetrically-laminated (AsBoDf), composite stiffened panels and struts in compression.
  • Section 4: Buckling of Unbalanced Laminated Plates
    • ESDU 94006
      Elastic buckling of unbalanced laminated fibre reinforced composite plates. (Rectangular plates of AsBtDs type, all edges simply-supported under biaxial loading.)
  • Section 5: Sandwich Panels with Composite Face Plates
    • ESDU 87013
      Elastic wrinkling of sandwich columns and beams with unbalanced laminated fibre reinforced face plates (face plates of AsBoDs, AsBlDs and AsBsDs types).
    • ESDU 88015
      Elastic wrinkling of sandwich panels with laminated fibre reinforced face plates (face plates of AsBoDs, AsBlDs and AsBsDs types).
  • Section 6: Composite Plates under Pressure
    • ESDU 93011
      Flat rectangular orthotropic plates under uniformly distributed normal pressure. Elastic stresses and deflections for various forms of edge restraint.
  • Section 7: Failure Criteria
    • ESDU 82025
      Failure modes of fibre reinforced laminates.
    • ESDU 83014
      Failure criteria for an individual layer of a fibre reinforced composite laminate under in-plane loading.
    • ESDU 84018
      Failure analysis of fibre reinforced composite laminates.
    • ESDU 91003
      Delamination of tapered composites.
    • ESDU 94019
      Through-the-thickness stresses and failure in the corner radius of a laminated composite section.
    • ESDU 95028
      Delamination and free edge stresses in composite laminates subjected to uniform prescribed axial strain and temperature change.
  • Section 8: Bonded Joints
    • ESDU 78042
      Shear stresses in the adhesives in bonded joints. Single step double lap joints loaded in tension.
    • ESDU 79016
      Inelastic shear stresses and strains in the adhesives bonding lap joints loaded in tension or shear.
    • ESDU 80011
      Elastic stresses in the adhesive in single step double lap bonded joints.
    • ESDU 80039
      Elastic adhesive stresses in multistep lap joints loaded in tension.
    • ESDU 17004
      Guide to the use of Data Items in the design of bonded joints
  • Section 9: Damping and Response to Acoustic Loading
    • ESDU 85012
      Estimation of damping in laminated and fibre-reinforced plates.
    • ESDU 84008
      Estimation of r.m.s. strain in laminated skin panels subjected to random acoustic loading.
    • ESDU 84027
      Endurance of fibre-reinforced composite, laminated structural elements subjected to simulated random acoustic loading.
    • ESDU 86024
      Estimation of rms strain in laminated face plates of simply-supported sandwich panels subjected to random acoustic loading. Including a simplified natural frequency prediction method.
  • Section 10: Natural Modes of Vibration
    • ESDU 83036
      Natural frequencies of rectangular, specially orthotropic laminated plates.
    • ESDU 85037
      Natural frequencies of simply-supported sandwich panels with laminated face plates.
    • ESDU 89011
      Natural frequencies of singly-curved laminated plates with simply-supported edges.
    • ESDU 90016
      Natural frequencies of isotropic and orthotropic rectangular plates under static in-plane loading (including shear loading).
    • ESDU TM 71
      ESDU TECHNICAL MEMORANDUM A Rayleigh-Ritz method of analysis for vibration of orthotropic plates under static in-plane loading (including shear)