About Us ~ Join an ESDU Committee

ESDU is currently seeking new Members to join the "Stress Analysis and Strength of Components" Committee.

This Committee oversees the Stress & Strength Series.

Membership of an ESDU Committee provides a direct route to influencing the programme of work - both in terms of topics and priorities. This, in turn, influences the issue of material into the Series of Data Items. ESDU Committees provide one of the few remaining fora where detailed technical discussion can take place without regard to wider commercial or political pressures. In addition to this, Membership of an ESDU Committee puts the individual in regular contact with a wide range of topics and with other Members having a wide range of expertise. For younger members this breadth of activities and backgrounds can be particularly beneficial. We know from our association with so many past and current ESDU Committee Members that they find the involvement both stimulating and rewarding (for this reason many continue as Members long after retiring from their formal professional roles).

If you are interested in joining this Committee or would like to know more about what is involved in being a Member of an ESDU Committee, please contact either Dorothy Downs, Senior Engineer responsible for the Stress and Strength Series, or Adam Quilter, ESDU Technical Director and Head of the Strength Analysis Group.