ESDU Nuclear Building/Environmental Impact

Validated data, procedures and software, endorsed by Professional Institutions, are provided to estimate the response of nuclear buildings to wind and to estimate the environmental impact from intentional/controlled and accidental fluid releases in nuclear facilities.

Methods and data are given to calculate fluid flow through various piping systems, and pressure relief and pressure release systems. Hand calculation methods and computer programs based on empirically-derived correlations and numerical methods provide rapid and reliable estimates of fluid flow parameters. The limits of applicability are stated and guidance is given on the maximum tolerance to be allowed on the predictions.

The Wind Engineering Series provides reliable methods and data for predicting the loads on, and the response of, buildings and structures (including stacks, masts, towers, lattice structures, beams, plates, boundary walls and aerials) to the wind. Methods and computer programs for estimating design wind speeds and turbulence properties for all types of terrain including topographic effects on wind speed are included.