Product Videos

An Introduction to ESDU

ESDU Learn about ESDU and the solutions that it has to offer. This presentation includes an introduction to ESDU and its committees, an explanation of the types of information ESDU has to offer, and examples of applications of ESDU related to lug design and bolted joints.

ESDU Aerospace and Defense Solutions Video

ESDU ESDU Aerospace solutions provide users with a unique knowledge base to solve engineering design problems and implement complex analytical methods. Guided and approved by independent international expert committees, ESDU's methods are a trusted source of engineering insight.

ESDU Process Engineering Technology Video

ESDU The ESDU Process Engineering Technology Package is a collection of over 100 design guides and software for a wide range of practical heat transfer and fluid flow applications. Our process engineering solutions software allows engineers to:

  • Increase design efficiency and process plant system operability
  • Assess environmental impact from use of energy, water and fouling including crude oil pre-heat trains
  • Utilize guidelines on design, performance, prediction and retrofitting


Industry Webcast: Your Source for UAV Engineering Design


This Webcast requires registration and will be available for one year.

This presentation will demonstrate how the ESDU engineering service and design methods can help support the development and design of UAVs and:

  • Improve and shorten the design process and assure that the methods used by designers are accurate and traceable.
  • Provide methods and software that are reviewed by an independent committees of industry and academic experts to verify of its relevance, accuracy and suitability for FAA, EASA and CAA Certification.
  • Support the various engineering disciplines with data solutions to specific engineering problems.

Industry Webcast: Optimal Design and Analysis of Lugs

Webcast This webcast illustrates the use of validated ESDU methods, data and software in the optimal design and analysis of lugs. It demonstrates the importance of "conventional" methods in gaining insight into problems that cannot be provided by finite element analysis alone, and the potential savings in time that such methods bring.

Industry Webcast: Nuclear Design Methods

Webcast Learn how the IHS Nuclear Design Methods provide a rigorously validated, reliable and accurate source of engineering knowledge for design within the targets set by international standards and codes.