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Our Process

All of ESDU's work is closely monitored and guided by independent committees of technical experts from around the world to develop rigorously validated methods, data and software that are trusted by industry and academia. Our products deliver this collective knowledge to help you gain a competitive design advantage.

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IHS ESDU provides the engineering insight you need to:

  • Explore and optimize design solutions quickly and easily
  • Minimize design/production lead times and costs
  • Mitigate design risk
  • Apply methods and data recognized by leading regulatory organizations
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Latest News

The current release of the ESDU web site is 2017-06 (Jun 2017)

Our Content

Our methods, best practices, data and software tools help solve complex Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical, Structural and Process Engineering problems and enable better decision making during engineering design. ESDU complements internal design practices, addresses gaps in information and provides access to best in class industry expertise.

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Our Customers

Industries where ESDU provides essential design methods and data include aerospace, defence, transportation, construction, oil and gas and chemicals among others. Customers include Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE SYSTEMS, Safran, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Saab, Rolls-Royce, UTC and more.

New ESDU Interactive Graph system

Ten years ago ESDU introduced Interactive Graphs to provide a rapid and simple means to obtain values from graphs included in our published documents. This system used Java and required a browser plug-in. The IT policies of some companies preclude the use of Java and/or plug-ins and so some users were not able to use the interactive graphs. This release of the ESDU site, 2017-04, launches a new system that no longer uses Java and instead utilises standard web technologies found in all modern browsers.

ESDU engineers have verified the functionality of the new system by testing the graphs that are used most often by users. Nevertheless, ESDU has decided to test every interactive graph, and that process will be completed over the next few months. In the interim, the graphs that have not yet been tested will be marked with the symbol β so that users are aware that they are still to be checked by ESDU. The non-interactive original of each graph can be viewed in the associated ESDU document.

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