ESDU 89049

Response of structures to atmospheric turbulence. Response to across-wind turbulence components.


ESDU 89049 provides a step-by-step calculation method for estimating the loading and response, in both translational and torsional modes, due to the across-wind turbulence components. The loading is derived as the sum of a mean contribution together with background and resonant fluctuating contributions. The method uses precalculated loading factors and they are provided in both graphical and equation forms, based on the atmosphere model of the Series, for the estimation of the fluctuating contributions. Worked examples illustrate the use of the method, which applies to vertical or horizontal structures (or structures normal to the wind but inclined across-wind), cantilevered or pinned at both ends or supported remote from a ground plane. See ESDU 01008 for a program of the method presented here.

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